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    Combining the benefits of Gua Sha with hot stone therapy, this revolutionary scraping stone facial massager brings the art of Gua Sha to an entirely new level.⁣
    This intelligent beauty device is specially made to allow for gentle delivery of gua sha to the face. Traditionally practiced on the body, you can now reap the same benefits of improved blood circulation and tension release to the thinner, more sensitive skin on the face and neck as well. ⁣

    Facial gua sha reduces wrinkles, acne, blemishes and eczema. It also brings about visibly firmer, smoother skin. This is performed at a deliberately slower speed with much less pressure — without bruising the skin.⁣
    Increases Skin Elasticity⁣
    Consistent use delivers clearer, brighter, and younger-looking skin. Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.⁣
    Improves Blood Circulation In Skin⁣
    Reduces puffiness and sagging skin while softening it. Sculpts, lifts and adds volume to skin.⁣
    Promotes Lymphatic Drainage⁣
    Helps acne heal faster. Releases tension in face, neck and shoulders. Relieves headaches, nasal congestion and jaw tightness.⁣


    • Harnesses heat and ultrasonic massage to open up skin pores and encourage cell metabolism⁣.
    • Red light allows exceptional absorption of nutrients from skincare. 
    • Mineral-rich massage stone with 40 trace elements⁣.
    • Specially designed edges help with lymphatic drainage and vitality restoration⁣
    • Uses large-capacity, long-lasting lithium battery⁣.
    • Lightweight, compact, highly-portable.⁣⁣
    • Made for face and all-round body use.⁣

    Step 1 : Adjust heat and massage settings to a desired low, safe level.⁣
    Step 2 : Hold device with smooth, long side to face and glide gently upwards and outwards — starting with neck and jawline.⁣
    Step 3 : Sweep across cheeks and eyebrows. Move from forehead to hairline.⁣
    Step 4 : Use thicker edge to work around the eye and mouth area.⁣
    Repeat massage sequence approximately 3 to 4 times.⁣
    Use the device several times a week for best results. Apply slow strokes with medium pressure.⁣ Best when worked into your bedtime routine after cleansing.⁣
    This versatile device also doubles up as a regular gua sha scraping tool for the rest of the body.⁣
    The perfect gift for every woman.⁣
    Product Specifications⁣

    • Size : 90 mm x 77.5 mm x 30mm⁣
    • Operating Temperature : 43 to 53°C⁣
    • Rated Power : 5W⁣
    • Net Weight : ~100g⁣
    • Material : Earth-Red Stone ; PC ; ABS ; Silicone⁣
    • LED Power : Deep Red 660 nm⁣
    • Battery Capacity: 3260 mAh⁣

    Package Contents⁣
    1 x Heated Ultrasonic Mineral Stone Scraper and Massager⁣
    1 x USB-C Cable⁣
    1 x User Operating Manual⁣

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